BSR welcomes the publication of the European White Paper on Sustainable Healthcare


BSR welcomes the three recommendations in the European White Paper: Recipes for Sustainable Healthcare - to invest in prevention and early intervention, foster empowered and responsible citizens and to re-organise service delivery - and will continue to work in each of these areas in order to improve patient care.


The NHS is currently experiencing unprecedented constraints on finances and increased demand for services, due to the rising age profile of population, overall population growth and a greater number of people living with chronic long term conditions. There are now more than 15 million people living with a long-term condition, accounting for half of GP appointments, almost two-thirds of outpatient appointments and seven out of ten of inpatient bed days. These challenges are reflected at a European level and require collaborative, evidence-based solutions to address the changing needs to the population across all levels of health systems.


As Laura Guest, BSR CEO notes, ‘the provision of timely and robust data is critical to the successful delivery of these aims which has led the BSR to develop its first data information strategy in order maximise the value of its patient registers and national audit programme. Collectively, this data can be used to help patients to be more competent at self-care and inform commissioners about service design.’


BSR is a member of the UK steering group on sustainable healthcare and will work closely with other organisations in order to take this work forward. In addition, BSR will publish a series of patient information leaflets in the next few months, whilst the first annual report of the national clinical audit for rheumatoid and early inflammatory arthritis will be published in the autumn.


Download a PDF European White Paper: Recipes for Sustainable Healthcare from the College of Medicine website