Group of people

BSR team

Chief Executive's Office

[Strategy; governance; trustee and regional council management; clinical excellence awards; elections]

Acting Chief Executive Officer:Ali Rivett |
+44 (0)20 7842 0900 

Governance and Business Manager:Michelle Bissoo
Executive Assistant -Maryann Harvey

Events and Marketing
[BSR/BHPR annual conference, education courses and other events; BSR and BHPR's programme of prizes, awards and bursaries]

•     Director of Events and Marketing:Beverley Fulton
  Head of Events:Toni Edmonds
Senior Events Manager (Exhibitions and Sponsorship): Lindsay McClenaghan
•     Education and Events Executive:Selina Goyal
•     Events Executive:Jenna Francis

•     Events Executive:Marina Serrano

[Marketing and communications, including public relations, web and social media]

•    Head of Marketing:Neil Walsh 
•    Marketing and Communications Executive:Vasili Skountzos

Clinical Affairs
[BSR biologics registers; research strategy; clinical guidelines development; NICE appraisals; resources; audits; patient queries]

•    Acting Chief Executive Officer / Director of Clinical Affairs:Ali Rivett
•    Head of Research:Dr Alan Roach
•    Research Project Manager:DrChris Hiley
•    Research Administrator:Deborah McDonald
•    Project Support Officer:Rose David

[Public affairs; lobbying and campaigning; policy and consultations]

•    Head of Policy:Miguel Souto
•    Policy Officer:Anna Lewis
•    Parliamentary Affairs Officer:Jack Feinmann

Operational Services
[Human and financial resource management and administration]

•  Director of Operations and Programmes:Nicky DeBeer

[Membership; renewals; journal subscriptions]

•    Head of Operations and Membership:Peter Kennedy
•    Operation and Membership Manager:Caroline Wilson
•    Operation and Membership Administrator:Kirsty Matthews

•    Head of Finance:Tim Spooner
•    Finance Officer:Cassandra Green
•    Finance Assistant:Ivana Basic

Rheumatology Journal Editorial Office
[Publication of theRheumatology journal]

•    Managing Editor:Shehnaz Ahmed
•    Editorial Officer:Sarah Miles
•    Editorial Assistant:Joanne Ratcliffe