Droitwich Lecturer


In Spring 2004 the Trustees of the Droitwich Trust made a substantial donation to the BHPR. The Droitwich Trust had been in existence for over forty years during which time it had supported research into the cause and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Due to the diminishing funds and increasing cost of undertaking such research the Trustees decided to close the Trust in 2004 and donate the remaining funds to the BHPR. They explicitly requested that this sum should be invested and the income used to support a lectureship at one of the sessions of the BHPR Spring conference. It was also stated that the selected lecturer should be given an appropriate certificate and memento to mark this prestigious event.

The invited speaker for the annual Droitwich Medical Trust lecture will be entitled to:

Complimentary registration at the spring conference they are presenting at 

Travel costs

Two nights accommodation

Subsistence fees
Complementary attendance at the main BHPR/BSR conference social event
The lecturer would also be given a framed certificate and memento to mark this prestigious event.

2017 Droitwich Lecturer Nominations

Nominations deadline to present the prestigious Droitwich lecturer at the 2017 conference in Birmingham has now passed.

All nominations must be submitted by Friday 13th May.

Please see full criteria and selection details below:

Selection criteria

An individual, with international standing who has made an outstanding contribution to rheumatology either as a health professional or who has significantly contributed to health professional working
  1. Preference will be given to those working in the UK
  2. Existing membership of the BHPR is not required
  3. Previous Droitwich lecturers are not eligible
  4. Current BHPR Council officers are not eligible

Process of selection

In recognition of the significance of this award the nominated lecturer should ideally receive 12 months notice of their selection prior to the conference they will present at. The procedure for selection outlined below aims to achieve this.

  1. Nominations will be invited from the BHPR membership in the November mailing. The proposal form should give the name and contact details of the proposed Droitwich lecturer, and the two members proposing them. This will be accompanied by a brief paragraph of supporting information detailing why the applicants consider the candidate eligible for the award.
  2. The BHPR Council will review these applications at the January meeting. One nominee and a reserve will be selected. In the event of the selected applicant refusing the invitation, the reserve applicant will be approached.
  3. Prior to the annual conference the Droitwich lecturer will be invited to provide a brief autobiography and title of the lecture, this will be included in the BHPR/BSR pre-conference programme.
  4. The lecture will be linked to future education courses that develop the theme of the lecture and the Droitwich lecturer would be invited to take part in the planning of the courses.

Please complete thenomination form and return to bhpr@rheumatology.org.uk or post to:


Droitwich Lecturer Nomination
Bride House, 18-20 Bride Lane
London EC4Y 8EE

    Please email bhpr@rheumatology.org.uk for any further information