BSR Indian Rheumatology Association Exchange Fellowship Programme

BSR in collaboration with the Indian Rheumatology Association are pleased to invite applications for two bursaries of £1,200 for senior trainees in adult or paediatric rheumatology to spend a fortnight in India at a centre of excellence in Rheumatology. This will give British trainees a unique experience of observing the practice of rheumatology in India.

Selection process: Candidates will have to be BSR trainee members in their final or penultimate year of their training. They are requested to submit a summary CV and a statement of not more than 250 words in support of their application.

Applications for 2017 will open soon.

Applicants are advised that leave will have to be agreed with their Training Programme Director and training committee.

Travel; insurance and accommodation arrangements will have to be made by the successful applicants. The BSR Education and Training committee will facilitate the process.

Any queries regarding the application process to be directed to

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