BSR-MSD travel bursaries 2015

By applying, you agree that:

- The BSR requires you to post at least four tweets from the BSR Twitter account during the meeting (details and training, if necessary, will be provided)

- You will complete a short feedback form about the bursary programme which BSR and MSD can use to improve the programme in future

- BSR may publish your name and place of work (name of hospital or county) and a photograph of you

MSD will have no involvement whatsoever in selecting the bursary recipients. Applications will be judged independently by a panel nominated by the BSR. Judges will reach a consensus on the applications and awards will be made to the applicants whom the judges believe will benefit most from the meeting. The decision of the judging panel is final, and BSR will not enter into correspondence regarding the decision.

A bursary does not guarantee a place at the meeting, nor flights, nor accommodation. Applicants must book their own places and make their own travel
and accommodation arrangements. Other costs will not be covered.

BSR confirms that the sponsorship will not influence any of its officers in any way, including not giving any advantage to MSD in any decision-making. The sponsorship has nothing to do with any prescribing, administering or recommending any MSD product by bursary applicants.

Please note: although applications should be made before the meetings, applicants must provide receipts before any remuneration in line with the bursary conditions can be issued. You will need to send in your receipts within a month of the meeting.

Application criteria

- Full membership of the British Society for Rheumatology
- Rheumatologist trainee in final year of specialty training, or new consultant rheumatologist no more than two years post-appointment
- You will need to submit a statement explaining in no more than 500 words why you should be awarded this travel bursary