Garrod Prize past winners

Year Winner
Research Paper
 2016 Dr Helen McGettrick
University of Birmingham
Leukocyte infiltration during inflammation: Why does it go wrong in rheumatoid arthritis?
 2015 Dr Elizabeth Rosser
University College London
Gut-microbiota induced IL-1β and IL-6 control the differentiation of regulatory B cells
 2014 Dr Sandra Sacre
University of Sussex
Targeting toll-like receptors in rheumatoid arthritis
Dr Charis Pericleous
University College London
Domain I, the hidden face of antiphospholipid syndrome
Dr Mrs Elizabeth Camacho
University of Manchester
The relationship between pregnancy and long-term functional disability in women with inflammatory polyarthritis: results from the Norfolk Arthritis Register (NOAR)
None Awarded 
2010 Dr A Judge
University of Oxford, Oxford
Monitoring fairness in access to hip and knee replacement surgery in England
2009 Dr E Jury
Centre for Rheumatology, UCL, London
The role of lipid rafts in lupus T cell pathology
2008 Dr W Kafienah
University of Bristol, Bristol
Can stem cells deliver for osteoarthritis patients?
2007 None awarded
2006 None awarded
2005 Dr S Kollnberger
MRC Human Immunology Unit, Oxford
The role of cell surface HLA-B27 heavy chain homodimer interactions with NK receptors in the pathogenesis of spondyloarthritis
2004 None awarded
2003 None awarded
2002 Miss L Boyle
Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
Breaking the rules: the unconventional recognition of HLA-B27 by CD4+ T lymphocytes as an insight into the pathogenesis of the spondylarthropathies
2001 Dr F Ponchel
St James’ Hospital, Leeds
Thymic activity and T cell differentiation defects in rheumatoid arthritis
2000 Dr R Allen
Institute of Molecular Medicine, Oxford
A new perspective on the role of HLA B27 in spondyloarthropathy