BSR members - window of opportunity

Join up to one million UK patients in fighting the devastating effects of rheumatic conditions.

We rely on our members to spread the Simple Tasks campaign in their workplace and local community.  There are a number of ways in which you can show your support for the campaign. We have developed a member toolkit to enable members to get involved in launching the Simple Tasks campaign in their workplace and local community.

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Please read and share the Simple Tasks white paper Rheumatology in the UK: The problem. The impact. The solution

Show your support by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter @rheumatologyuk #SimpleTasksUK


Here are some examples of how rheumatology health professionals have pledged to spread awareness of Simple Tasks

“I will incorporate the messages of Simple Tasks into training and talks.”

“I will include information of the campaign in the community newsletter.”

“I will contact the clinical commissioning group to help promote rheumatology services and initiate discussion of Simple Tasks.”

“I will write to my local paper about Simple Tasks.”

“I will write a paragraph on Simple Tasks for my NHS trust monthly e-bulletin.”

“I will make undergraduate students and specialist Registrars aware of the messages of Simple Tasks.”

“I will discuss Simple Tasks with my patients and their carers.”