Health professionals - window of opportunity

As a health professional, you understand the importance of early diagnosis and proper treatment for a number of diseases and conditions.

Join the members of the British Society for Rheumatology and up to million UK patients in fighting the devastating effects of rheumatic conditions. 

Discover your window of opportunity to help by:

Ensuring timely and appropriate referrals

Establish a relationship with rheumatologists in your community. When a patient presents with an unusual case that includes inflammation and other signs and symptoms of a rheumatic disease, contact a rheumatologist to discuss the case and determine if a referral is appropriate. By ensuring timely and appropriate referrals, you will help your patients with rheumatic diseases start early and aggressive treatment within their window of opportunity.

Download and use our ‘Should I refer?’ guide for GPs
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Link up with a BSR representative in your region
Read and share our patient case studies with your trainees
Read and share our Simple Tasks white paper Rheumatology in the UK: The problem. The impact. The solution. Available soon
Share with your patients the resources and support available through our campaign partners Arthritis Care, NASS (National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society), and NRAS (National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society).

Continuing to learn about rheumatic diseases

Read the literature; attend conferences; invite a rheumatologist to speak to your medical association. By learning more about rheumatic conditions, you will be able to identify these complex diseases and you will know when it is necessary to reach out to a rheumatologist.

Invite a BSR speaker to your conference or meeting.
Read and share our white paper Rheumatic conditions in the UK: the problem, the impact, the answers (to follow)
Join the British Society for Rheumatology for continued networking and education opportunities

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