Policymaker, civil servant or commissioner - your window of opportunity

Join the members of the British Society for Rheumatology and up to one million UK patients in fighting the devastating effects of rheumatic conditions.

Having a rheumatic condition can make the simplest tasks impossible. From brushing your teeth, to eating, to getting out of bed in the morning – life for rheumatology patients can become a daily struggle.

That is why it is vital that they have access to rheumatology services and a rheumatologist – the only medical specialist qualified to diagnose and treat rheumatic conditions.

Your support of the rheumatology community is crucial to the care of one million people, their families and caregivers, and to the rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals who treat them.

Discover your window of opportunity to help by learning about the issues

  • Learn how rheumatic conditions are affecting your constituents and how rheumatology services are helping them. Rheumatologists and their patients are passionate and knowledgeable about the issues and are willing to share their knowledge with you.
  • Show your support by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter @RheumatologyUK #SimpleTasksUK or joining our Thunderclap
  • Read and share our white paper Simple Tasks: Rheumatology in the UK - The problem. The impact. The answers. available here.
  • Discover how the BSR and patient groups have joined together to form the Rheumatology Commissioning Support Alliance.
  • Read and share our patient and health professional case studies.
To learn more about your window of opportunity, or to schedule a meeting with us, contact Nona Ahamat on 020 7842 0900 or policy@rheumatology.org.uk