Process for requesting access to BSR/BHPR/BSPAR members for research

Sharing any research request through BSR’s networks implies some endorsement or encouragement to join in and the membership may reasonably assume that BSR has appraised it in some way. We therefore ask that researchers wishing to access BSR’s members make a formal request providing the following material for review:

  • A study outline or summary protocol, explaining the research question(s), the method and the context (i.e. if this is a standalone project or a step in a bigger process, if it is hypothesis generating or might provide background for a subsequent proposal).  
  • Evidence of institutional scrutiny, for example the NHS or University
  • Some form of peer review outside of the team making the proposal is essential.
  • Ethical approval, if required. If no Ethical approval is required, a statement to that effect from the appropriate authority.
  • All tools/survey forms that our members would be asked to complete. Including a participation information sheet.
  • Only Final proof read drafts, formatted as closely as possible to what will be sent out to members, will be acceptable.
  • If publications might result, tell us. If not, explain to what other meaningful use the evidence generated will be put.

Once your request is received, the research committee will be asked to review and advise. If approved, your survey will be shared with our members in the following ways:

  1. An article on BSR e-news
  2. Link to research on the webpage
  3. *In rare circumstances with clear BSR benefit and with Senior approval only: An email to all members*

Please note: this process will take 4-6 weeks.

Please send your request to Deborah McDonald, Research Administrator