BSR Biologics Registers Steering Committee

The Biologics Registers Steering Committee has overall responsible for the operation of the BSR Biologics Registers; to oversee the project and ensure that patient safety is being safeguarded and that research objectives are met. The BSRBR reports to the Executive Committee.

Biologics Registers Steering Committee: Terms of Reference

Clinical Affairs Committee

  • - Chair: Elaine Dennison
  • - Vice Chair: Jon Packham
  • - Ar-UK EU Principal Investigator: Kimme Hyrich
  • - Ar-UK EU Principal Investigator: Kath Watson
  • - AS Register Principal Investigator: Gary Macfarlane
  • AS Register Principal Investigator: Gareth Jones
  • - Chair, DMEC: James Galloway
  • - Regional Chairs' Representative: Michael Plant
  • - MHRA/ Regulatory Affairs Representative: Alison Shaw
  • - BHPR Representative: Sarah Critchley
  • - Patient Organisation Representative: Ailsa Bosworth
  • Patient Organisation Representative: Debbie Cook
  • - Hampshire County Hospital Representative: Emma Williams
  • - District Hospital Representative: Zoe Cole
  • - Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Consultant Rheumatologist: Zoe Ash
  • - BRiTs Representative: Maliha Shaikh


Committee papers and minutes

Committee meeting papers and approved minutes to follow. Please contact Anna Lewis. Committee Manager, for copies in the interim.

Click below for dates of all the BSR / BHPR committee meetings for 2016. If you have any queries please contact

Committee Meeting Dates 2017