Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee are made up of trustees, committee chairs and other invited officers. The Trustees who sit on this committee make up the governing body of the society who are also company directors. The committee is responsible for setting the strategic direction of our work with its trustee members have the responsibility of meeting our legal and financial duties as a registered charity.

BSR President Job Description
Executive Committee: Terms of Reference

Executive Committee of Trustees

  • - President: Dr Peter Lanyon
  • - Honorary Secretary: Dr Chetan Mukhtyar
  • - Honorary Treasurer: Dr Colin Pease
  • - Chair, Education and Training Committee: Dr Kaushik Chaudhuri
  • - Chair, Clinical Affairs Committee: Dr Lesley Kay 
  • - Chair, Heberden Committee: Professor Elizabeth Price
  • - Chair, External Strategy and Engagement Committee: Dr Gavin Clunie
  • - Chair, BSRBR Management Committee: Dr Elaine Dennison
  • - Non-Medical Trustee: Mr John Offord
  • - BSPAR Trustee: Dr Clarissa Pilkington
  • - BHPR Trustee: Dr Jill Firth
  • - BHPR Trustee: Dr Michael Backhouse

    Other Officers of the Society

    These officers report to the Trustees and may be invited to present to the Board;
    • - Immediate Past President: Professor Simon Bowman
    • - Chair, National Informatics Steering Group: Dr Bruce Kirkham
    • - Honorary Editor: Professor Jaap Van Laar
    • - Honorary Heberden Librarian: Dr Richard Watts
    • - Chair elects of standing committees
    • - Assistant Honorary Officers

      Committee papers and minutes

      Committee meeting papers and approved minutes to follow. Please contact Michelle Bissoo, Governance and Business Manager, for copies in the interim.

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