Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee is responsible for promoting and facilitating good practice in all aspects of education, training and professional development for those within the sector, and for organising a programme of high quality education courses conferences and e–learning.

Education and Training: Terms of Reference

Education and Training Committee members

  • - Chair: Kaushik Chaudhuri 
  • - Vice Chair: Andrew Brown
  • - Council Member: Dipak Roy
  • - Council Member: Vacant
  • - Council Member: Rachel Jeffrey
  • - Council Member: Daniel Fishman 
  • - Member:  Hasan Tahir
  • - Member:  Toby Garrood
  • - Member: Suzanne Lane
  • - Member: Arumugam Moorthy
  • - Member: Benjamin Schreiber
  • - Member: Preeti Shah
  • - Member: Gerald Coakley
  • - Member: Sabrina Raizada

Co-opted representatives

  • - BHPR: Ruth Squire
  • - BSPAR - Education Representative: Anne-Marie McMahon
  • - BRiTs Chair: Adam Croft
  • - 1st Trainee Rep (BRiTs): Priyanka Chandratre
  • - 2nd Trainee Rep (BRiTs): Geetha Lakshmi Janakiraman
  • - Joint Council on Higher Medical Education (SAC) Chair: Jo Ledingham
  • - SCE Management Board Chair: Ken Lim
  • - Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB): Vacant


Committee papers and minutes

Committee meeting papers and approved minutes to follow. Please contact Selina Goyal, Committee Manager, for copies in the interim.

Click below for dates of all the BSR / BHPR committee meetings for 2017. If you have any queries please contact

Committee Meeting Dates 2017