Heberden Committee

The Heberden Committee is responsible for advancing knowledge and practice in the field of rheumatology through an annual scientific programme and encouraging clinical excellence through the facilitation of prizes and awards.

   Heberden: Terms of Reference

Heberden Committee members

  • - Chair: Dr Elizabeth Price
  • - Vice Chair: Dr David Walker
  • - Regional Chair (London South): Dr Patrick Gordon
  • - Regional Chair (London Northwest): Dr Shahir Hamdulay
  • - Regional Chair (Yorkshire and Humber): Dr Zunaid Karim
  • - Regional Chair (East of England): Prof Michael Ehrenstein
  • - Member: Prof David D'cruz
  • - Member: Prof Justin Mason
  • - Member: Dr Chee-Seng Yee
  • - Member: Dr John Pauling

Co-opted representatives

  • - BRITs Representative: Dr Maliha Shaikh
  • - BRiTs Representative: Dr Meghna Jani
  • - Non Clinical Scientist Representative: Prof Ian Clark
  • - Non Clinical Scientist Representative: Dr Sandra Sacre
  • - BHPR Representative: Dr Mwidimi Ndosi
  • - BHPR Representative: Dr Caroline Flurey
  • - Rheumatology Representative: Prof Jaap van Laar
  • - BSPAR Representative: Dr John Ioannou
  • - Primary Care Representative: Dr Ben Empson
  • - Primary Care Representative: Dr Samantha Hider
  • - Epidemiology: Dr Emma Clark
  • - Myositis: Prof Robert Cooper
  • - Pain: Dr Nicholas Shenker
  • - Soft tissue: Dr Karen Walker-Bone
  • - International Strategy Group: Prof Rob Moots
  • - Social Media and Communications Representative: Dr Elena Nikiphorou


Committee papers and minutes

Committee meeting papers and approved minutes to follow. Please contact the Events Team for copies in the interim.

Click below for dates of all the BSR / BHPR committee meetings for 2017. If you have any queries please contact bsr@rheumatology.org.uk.

Committee Meeting Dates 2017