Honorary Heberden Librarian

The Librarian is a member of the BSR Council and the curator of the Heberden Library and is responsible for the purchase of additions as appropriate, for administering and rendering accounts of the Heberden Library Fund, and shall present an annual report at the society's annual general meeting.  

The Heberden Library is a collection of books, archives and slides that belong to the British Society for Rheumatology. The books are housed at Bride House and at the RCP, an on-line catalogue is available. The archives are housed at the Wellcome Library and the Bywater slides are kept at Bride House. A library display is available to view in the Garrod room at Bride House and is regularly rotated.

Please follow the link below for more information on the Heberden Library including the on-line catalogue. More information on the library is available here.

Dr Richard Watts is the Honorary Heberden Librarian