Simple Tasks members' pack

Welcome to the Simple Tasks members' pack page. Here you can download several different items to help us promote the Simple Tasks campaign. More items will be added here for you to download as the campaign progresses. 

Simple Tasks members' letter to MPs

You can fill in the relevant details to send to your local MP to highlight the importance of the Simple Tasks campaign. If you do not know who your MP is you can find out here.

Simple Tasks regional release

Please liaise with your regional chair before contacting your local media. This is a document containing information regarding the Simple Tasks campaign that you can to your local media. Please enter your regional details in the highlighted sections.

Simple Tasks regional media contacts

In this spreadsheet you can find a list of media outlets in your area. Navigate the spreadsheet using the tabbed workbooks at the bottom. Please liaise with your regional chair before contacting the media.

Simple Tasks confidential media briefing

If you are being interviewed by a journalist to promote Simple Tasks this document contains answers to difficult questions that they may ask.

Simple Tasks PowerPoint presentation

If you would like to share the Simple Tasks campaign at a regional meeting this presentation will help.

Simple Tasks social media guide

How to use social media to promote the Simple Tasks campaign.