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BSR is endorsing an important study from Cambridge University’s Department of Public Health and Primary Care on rheumatology patients' neuropsychiatric symptoms, healthcare behaviours, mental health needs and medical relationships.

The rheumatologists on the study team are Profs David D'Cruz and Caroline Gordon, and Drs Chris Wincup and Elliott Lever. They're working with researchers from the Cambridge University Department of Public Health, rheumatology patient groups, colleagues in rheumatology, and neurology, psychiatry and behavioural science professionals to raise awareness and further knowledge in this currently very under-researched area.

Completing the survey helps policy makers, the NHS, other clinicians, researchers and patients learn about the frequency and impact of neurological and mental health symptoms in patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases. This is an under-researched area; we anticipate it leading to improved knowledge of this patient group, and improved clinician-patient communication about these often difficult-to-discuss symptoms.

Results also provide evidence for additional NHS funding for these patients and inform trials, service development and interventions to assist in areas of difficulties identified (e.g. provision of psychosocial support).

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