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The Quality Review Scheme is a quality improvement process aimed at raising standards across rheumatology services throughout the UK, ultimately improving patient service and experience.

The Quality Review Scheme will be launching in 2021 across the UK to help and support rheumatology services in improving patient care and patient experience. 

This voluntary scheme aims to promote excellence in all aspects of rheumatology targeting improvement in patient care and experience, running in a three-year cycle, offering a professionally-led inspection service that provides independent external validation for your own quality assurance practices. Achieving our quality assurance inspection mark and certificate demonstrates compliance with national best practice standards in patient care.


How does it work?

The three-year cycle begins with an in-depth onsite review of your rheumatology service. 

At the end of the first and second years of the cycle, your service submits evidence to demonstrate the continuation of a high standard of service and any action taken to improve any identified areas of development as well as undergoing either an online or onsite inspection. 

Once the cycle is completed, your service can choose to undergo a new onsite inspection to begin the cycle again.

Please click here to view the full three-year cycle.

Why should be service apply?

  • Opportunity to improve patient, family and carer experience

  • Improved stakeholder confidence in the service

  • BSR external validation for quality assurance practices

  • Best practice recommendations

  • Opportunity to provide a better service through improved quality assurance

  • Listing on the BSR website directory of successful services

  • Staff discount to new BSR membership

How is this different from Peer Review or GIRFT?

Peer review is a formative exercise which identifies areas that are working well and areas that could be improved. It will continue to be a great way to prepare for the more formal, summative Quality Review Scheme.

GIRFT is an England-only initiative driven by NHS Improvement. It is looking at specific areas of service delivery with a view to reduce unwarranted variations. It is also a way of preparing for the Quality Review Scheme.

When can we apply?

Our inspection service and quality review cycle launch in April 2021. Applications will be accepted after the launch at Annual Conference April 2021.

Will my unit be charged?

For the pilots there is no charge. Once we go live, there will be a fee to contribute towards costs.

Can we get involved now?

We’re looking for more pilot sites to undergo a free application and inspection process to help develop the service. You can also become an assessor; you could be a consultant, registrar, trainee, nurse, AHP who works within a rheumatology service or a patient with a rheumatological condition. 

We would love to hear from any services interested in undergoing this valuable process or from anyone interested in becoming a QRS assessor. Please contact the Quality Review Scheme team to discuss further.

What is the timeline?

 The Quality Review Scheme will launch in April 2021 at our Annual Conference.