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Frequently asked questions about BSR elections.

Below you'll find a list of frequently asked questions about BSR elections. If your question is not answered below, please email governance@rheumatology.org.uk or call 020 7842 0900.

How to vote

I've not had any communications about how to vote – what do I do?

Look for an email from UKEngage, our elections partner. This was sent at 10am on Friday 13 November and contains instructions on how to vote, as well as your unique security code. Check your junk folder; then get in touch with us and we can resend the information to you

What's a unique security code?

An eight-digit code of two letters and six numbers that's specifically allocated to you so you can cast your vote. It's been sent to you by email, is unique to you and can only be used once when voting

As a recent joiner, can I vote?

Yes, so long as you're a member with voting status. For this, you must be based in the UK, and your membership type must be consultant, GP, health professional, non-clinical scientist, tenured scientist or trainee. Get in touch with us for your voting instructions if you haven't received them

The voting system won't accept my unique security code

Make sure you've entered it correctly, without spaces; you may not need to do this if your code's been pre-populated for you by a unique link in the email we sent you

The system says I've already voted

Once you've confirmed your choice, you can't come back later and change it. If you try to enter your code again, you'll see an error message; contact us if you haven't yet voted

There was a glitch when I voted. How do I know my vote's been recorded?

Try and vote again – if the system's recorded your vote, this won't be possible. If it is, then you know it wasn't on that occasion

Can I vote using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, but if you experience any difficulties, try from another device. You can report any problems to support@uk-engage.org


What's 'a member with voting status'?

You're a member with voting status if you're based in the UK and your membership type is consultant (adult or paediatric and adolescent), GP, allied health professional, non-clinical scientist, tenured scientist or trainee.