Rheumatology is constantly evolving and Practice and Quality is here to help you keep up-to-date, drive innovation and deliver outstanding patient care.

We're passionate about excellence in rheumatology care. Our initiatives include clinical guidelines, audits, peer review and our quality review scheme, all of which underpin national delivery of rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease care.

Our patient registers data and research function increases knowledge about new and existing treatments, providing data on patient safety and drug efficacy, while the integration of clinical care, data and research lets us publish numerous examples of best practice and advances in the science and practice of rheumatology in our journals.

Working with relevant organisations to achieve joint goals across the wider healthcare landscape is key for us. More information on these quality improvement initiatives can be found below.
Audits The first ever robust benchmarking data and detailed reporting of UK rheumatology services. The aim of our clinical audits is to inspire quality improvement in services across the UK, improving outcomes for patients
Guidelines Our clinical guidelines are key to rheumatology practice. You'll also find helpful resources including algorithms, podcasts, videos, and summary cheat sheets, as well as audit tools to support effective implementation.
Registers Registers of patients receiving biological treatments, collecting vital data to measure patient safety and drug efficacy
Research Helping you find research opportunities that encourage development of the science and practice of rheumatology
Best Practice Awards Our Best Practice Awards promote innovation and best practice across every aspect in the treatment of rheumatology
Quality improvement Quality improvement at BSR covers a number of areas, including a JIA learning collaborative, our Quality Review Scheme and our ePROMs platform, and much more
Policy Our External Affairs team campaigns to shape the UK’s healthcare agenda, promote high-quality rheumatology care and support the rheumatology workforce