Application Timeline:

  • Applications open – January 2023
  • Application deadline – End of February 2023
  • Shortlisting deadline – April 2023
  • Winners’ announcement – Annual Conference 2023

The 2023/24 advanced research funding call offers funding to individuals who have a track record of research in rheumatology. Open to all members of the MDT in adult, paediatric or adolescent rheumatology, the advanced funding call will support research projects that deal with the development and improvement of the quality, accessibility, and organisation of rheumatology services. 

Applicants should highlight how their research will improve patient outcomes and influence service improvement.   

Funding winners will be required to report quarterly on their progress to the relevant BSR Committee and, subject to the topic and size of their project, they’ll be asked to deliver specific outputs which could include a presentation at the BSR Annual Conference or a publication in a BSR journal.  

The funding should be used, and projects completed by the end of 2024.

Areas prioritised for the 2023/34 advanced funding call are:

  • Recovery of rheumatology services post-pandemic 
  • Testing new ways of delivering high quality and safe rheumatology care 
  • Assessing how to better collect and use patient experience data 
  • Exploring new ways of organising rheumatology services in the NHS to improve outcomes 
  • Trying new ways to spread knowledge and evidence through health care services 
  • Outpatient transformation
  • Implementation of new care pathways
  • Staff retention and wellbeing.

A total budget of £300,000 will be made available for this award- £150,000 released in 2023 and £150,000 released in 2024.  

The allocation of the funding will be dependent on the scope and size of the successful research projects. For example, one application might be awarded a fellowship of £150,000 per annum or three applicants might be awarded £50,000 per annum each.

Funding can cover the salaries of those involved on research projects but overheads and equipment costs are not included.

We encourage all applicants to submit a detailed proposal for consideration and if further information is required we will be in touch for clarification.

Who can apply?

  • A subscribed member of BSR
  • Practising within the rheumatology MDT. Proposals involving the MDT are particularly welcome
  • Non-clinical scientists supporting rheumatology research (e.g., health services researchers)
  • Have a published track record in rheumatology research, either clinical or health services
  • Applications based on recommended areas of research will be given priority and all applications are assessed for their relevance to BSRs strategic aims.
  • Applicants must be able to identify an appropriate supervisor within their institution and that they have access to the infrastructure required to lead their research.

How to apply?

The Advanced Career Funding Call has now closed. 

Applications will be shortlisted internally by the BSR to ensure they meet the minimum requirements outlined above. Applicants will be notified if they have been shortlisted.

Shortlisted applications will undergo a full panel review; the panel will score applications based on agreed criteria.

Applications are assessed in relation to: 

  • A detailed explanation of the research project pathway is provided  
  • The project captures transparent and measurable objectives and outcomes, and these align with BSR prioritised areas 
  • The project objectives aim at directly improving service and patient outcomes 
  • Evidence is used to inform project design   
  • The research proposal includes appropriate patient involvement  
  • Evidence of a novel or innovative approach  
  • Evidence of previous research experience 
Award Winners
Successful applicants will report quarterly on their progress to the relevant BSR Committee.