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BSR's rheumatology mentoring scheme offers a unique opportunity for career development and support, pairing you with a trusted mentor with relevant skills and knowledge.

We offer two individual programmes, one for developing clinicians, nurses and health professionals, and one for academics.

You can be part of one or both, mentor and/or be mentored.

We recommend meeting 4-5 times per year, but mentoring relationships can be as long or short as you require.

Relationships can be conducted face to face, phone, email or virtually, via Skype, FaceTime and so on.



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Join either scheme as a committed and capable mentor and you’ll be helping others to shape their careers while enhancing your own skills in developing others.

  • Gain insights into the needs of newly qualified professionals

  • Develop strong and enjoyable connections with your peers

  • Actively engage with new members

  • Take the opportunity to reflect on your career as well as build on your own skillset

Become a mentee

Be matched with an experienced mentor who will assist you in work-related challenges and achieving long-term career goals, while also creating meaningful relationships and expanding your network beyond your own unit, trust or region.

  • Learn from mentor knowledge and expertise to focus on what is needed to grow professionally and realise potential

  • Gain specific skills and knowledge relevant to personal goals

  • Have access to a friendly ear to share frustrations as well as successes

  • Develop your professional network

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"My relationship with my mentor will be an important part of my transition from doctoral student to post-doctoral researcher"

"It is a very supportive relationship and a safe space to think new thoughts without making commitments"

"Great opportunity to meet and support an academic trainee from another area working in rheumatology"

"It has been beneficial to have someone outside my organisation and I don't think I would have found such a relationship at this early stage in my career without this scheme"