16 October 2023

A group of researchers formed through EMEUNET, (a Europe-wide network of young rheumatologists) have launched a survey for physicians which is designed to understand the variations in steroid prescribing in lupus. 

By taking part in this survey, clinicians will be helping the researchers in their aim to create a consensus for the prescription of steroids for lupus. The survey will take clinicians 5-10 minutes to complete and responses should be submitted by 01 December 2023.

Steroids play a key role in the treatment of lupus, especially in severe manifestations. Several studies highlight the harmful effects of chronic steroid therapy, particularly the increased risk of irreversible organ damage. The lack of evidence on the use of steroids, combined with the inherent heterogeneity of the disease, means that the guidelines for the use of steroids in lupus are not very specific and it is not clear which daily dose of prednisone is the best to control disease activity without increasing the risk of irreversible damage. It is for these reasons that EMEUNET researchers have developed a survey on the use of steroids in lupus in daily clinical practice.

The researchers have secured the support of different physician groups from around Europe and would like to ensure that they also have the UK perspective on prescribing practices.

We're passionate about contributing to advancing research within the next generation of rheumatologists, particularly rarer diseases. You can help us advance this research and improve the guidelines for effective prescribing of lupus steroids by completing the survey.