18 January 2024

Our most recent round of elections invited members to put themselves forward for nomination for key roles. Thank you to everyone who participated in the elections and voted during the ballot round. The successful candidates will officially take up their positions at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 20 June 2024.

BSR President, Jo Leadingham, said:

“I was delighted to see so many people putting themselves forward for election to BSR committee roles and welcome those that have been elected. I’m particularly pleased to see applications from the wider Rheumatology MDT and across the whole lifespan and look forward to working with members of all our committees into 2024 and beyond”.

Below are the newest additions to our Board, committees and council:

Board of Trustees

Members of the Board set the strategic direction of BSR’s work and make up its governing body.

  • New member trustee: Liz Murphy (Consultant)
  • New member trustee (paediatric and adolescent): Jacqui Clinch (Consultant)
  • New member trustee (trainee): Anastasia Madenidou

MDT Advisory Council

The MDT Advisory Council advises on challenges across the multidisciplinary team (MDT) in paediatric, adolescent and adult rheumatology throughout the UK.

  • Vice President (paediatric and Adolescent): Penny Davis (Consultant)
  • London, Nurse, AHP, pharmacist, psychologist, or Physician Associate Representative:  Leah Irungu (Rheumatology Nurse Specialist)
  • Midlands, Nurse, AHP, pharmacist, psychologist, or Physician Associate representative:  Sarah Ryan (Professor, Rheumatology Nursing)
  • North-West, Paediatric and Adolescent representative: Eleanor Heaf (Consultant)
  • Northern Ireland, AHP, pharmacist, psychologist, or Physician Associate Representative:  Anne Quinn (Rheumatology Nurse Specialist)
  • Scotland, Nurse, AHP, pharmacist, psychologist, or Physician Associate Representative:  Ellen Forde (Lead CNS - Rheumatology and Osteoporosis)
  • Scotland, Paediatric and Adolescent representative: Job share Neil Martin (Consultant)/Imogen Kelly(CNS – paediatric and adolescent rheumatology)
  • South-East Nurse, AHP, pharmacist, psychologist, or Physician Associate Representative:  Stephanie Butler (Lead Specialist Rheumatology Pharmacist)

Clinical Affairs Committee

Responsible for our clinical engagement programme and input into our proactive and reactive public policy agenda. They oversee NICE appraisals and other external consultations, create guidance that supports service development and improvement, and support BSR to influence national policy and public affairs directly relevant to the quality and practice of rheumatology.

  • Tavi Aragon (Lead Rheumatology Pharmacist, paediatric and adolescent)
  • Sarah Bingham (Consultant)
  • Sarah Harvey (Lead Specialist Nurse)
  • Ben Mulhern (Rheumatology Academic Clinical Fellow)
  • Sabrina Raizada (Consultant)

Education Committee

Responsible for developing and delivering our outstanding education programme for the whole multidisciplinary team and relevant care across the whole lifespan.

  • Rosie Close (Paediatric Consultant)
  • Fidelma Gordon (Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner)
  • Ei Ei Phyu Htut (Consultant)
  • Tanjina Nasrin (Specialty Trainee)

Heberden Committee

Responsible for advancing knowledge and practice in the field of rheumatology through our scientific conference programmes. They also encourage clinical excellence through the facilitation of prizes and awards.

  • Committee Chair: Max Yates (Consultant)
  • Richard Smith (Consultant) 
  • Muhammad Nisar (Consultant) 
  • Jen Pearson (Senior Physiotherapy Lecturer)/Jade Skeates (Physiotherapist)
  • Eve Smith (Consultant paediatric)/Sam Deepak (Consultant paediatric)

Registers and Research Committee

Responsible for ensuring registers and research activity maintain coherence and relevance to BSRs' strategic aims and continue to advance rheumatology practice.

  • Ian Giles (Consultant)
  • Ernest Wong (Consultant)

Trainees Committee

Responsible for advising on matters relevant to trainees in respect of education, training, workforce issues, research and professional and organisational standards. It ensures our work fully reflects the needs and views of members and has representation throughout the UK and the paediatric and adolescent community.

  • Committee Chair: Anastasia Madenidou
  • East of England representative: Pratyasha Saha
  • London representative: Priyanka Lakhani
  • Midlands representative: Hirushi S Jayasekera
  • North East and Yorkshire representative: Miriam Cox/Caroline Zollinger-Read
  • North-West representative: Sarah Dyball
  • Paediatric and adolescent representative: Laura Crosby
  • Wales representative: Amna Younas

How to get involved with BSR activities

Our members are fundamental to the work BSR does. Working together enables us to influence, create frameworks of excellence and support local, national and international communities.

If you are keen to get involved, please contact elections@rheumatology.org.uk. Volunteering with BSR offers many opportunities, from a chance to develop new skills and/or build on existing skills and knowledge to giving something back to the community and making a difference in rheumatology.