We’re proud to be an award winning organisation; we're a diverse and friendly team with a key focus on equality, diversity and inclusion.

There's a varied range of teams within our organisation, supporting all of our many functions, from membership to events, registers to journals.

Below you can find out more about each of the individuals who make up our staff team.

Senior management team

Photo of Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell, Chief Executive I oversee strategy implementation and activities supporting members, ensure BSR meets its legal and statutory responsibilities and am key point of contact between the Board of Trustees and staff
Photo of Jessica Badley
Jessica Badley, Chief Operating Officer I lead on our people and culture strategy, as well as our membership, finance, governance, and operations programmes
Photo of Neil Walsh
Neil Walsh, Director of Marketing and Education I lead on our education and events programme as well our marketing, communication and digital strategies.

Operations and Membership

Photo of Sarah Franklin
Sarah Franklin, Front of House & Facilities Coordinator I am front of house and provide support to the Operations Team with facilities coordination.
Photo of Funmi Garwe
Funmi Garwe, HR Assistant I support BSR's HR team, contributing towards strategy of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and improvement of internal processes.
Photo of Fahmida Rahman
Fahmida Rahman, Finance Manager I manage BSR's financial affairs ensuring and oversee processing of all financial transactions
Photo of Naomi Ball
Naomi Ball, Business Support Manager I manage projects within the operations team as well as ensuring processes and systems are efficient and consistent across the organisation.
Photo of Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor, Head of Membership I deliver high-quality member services, develop and implement engagement strategies and manage the CRM. I ensure members are at the heart of core activities
Photo of Gracie Johnson
Gracie Johnson, Membership Administrator I am the first line of contact for membership matters, providing day-to-day services for members and responding to membership queries of all varieties. I also carry out administrative support for all services provided to members.
Photo of Lucie Mondino
Lucie Mondino, CRM Implementation Manager I manage membership data and am the go-to person for CRM, membership reporting and member experience. I answer membership queries and work with teams to provide high-quality service.
Photo of Amy Bradley
Amy Bradley, Membership Services Manager I am the first line of contact for membership matters, providing day-to-day services for members and responding to membership queries of all varieties. I also carry out administrative support for all services provided to members.

Practice and Quality

Photo of Sarah Gallagher
Sarah Gallagher, Clinical Audit Project Manager I project manage the NEIA audit to drive improvements in the care of Rheumatology patients across the UK.
Photo of Callum Coalwood
Callum Coalwood, Clinical Audit Administrator I provide administrative support in the day-to-day organisation of the NEIA Audit
Photo of Ross Matthews
Ross Matthews, Head of Registers and Research Management I manage our four patient registers. I also look after research activity, including fellowships and funding initiatives, and the clinical guideline development process
Photo of Lindsay Turner
Lindsay Turner, Clinical Guidelines Programme Manager I manage the development of all BSR guidelines from initiation through to publication and ensuring effective dissemination, promotion and implementation

External Affairs

Photo of Jack Buck
Jack Buck, Head of External Affairs I lead on BSR’s influencing, lobbying, campaigning and external affairs strategy. This includes building BSR’s network of supportive legislators and civil servants, building our sector partnerships and achieving impact towards our corporate strategy
Photo of Sarah Berry
Sarah Berry, Public Affairs Manager I drive forward BSR's public affairs agenda and stakeholder engagement to maximise reach and impact
Photo of Margaret Gould
Margaret Gould, Policy Manager I manage the society's policy function, overseeing our policy research and positioning, as well as our responses to external consultations. I also manage our Clinical Affairs Committee


Photo of Francesca Lake
Francesca Lake, Head of Publishing I manage our two academic journals, Rheumatology and Rheumatology Advances in Practice, and also manage the Journals team
Photo of Ebony Torrington
Ebony Torrington, Head of Publishing (Interim) I manage our two academic journals, Rheumatology and Rheumatology Advances in Practice, and also manage the Journals team.
Photo of Caroline Groves
Caroline Groves, Journal Development Manager I look after the journals' accepted papers, and work on digital projects like our podcast and journal club
Photo of Eden Ward
Eden Ward, Journal Publishing Assistant I support the processing of manuscript submissions to both our journals: Rheumatology, and Rheumatology Advances in Practice. I also provide social media assistance to the team.

Marketing and Communications

Photo of Emily Rooke
Emily Rooke, Head of Marketing and Communications Lead on Marketing, Digital channels, Content and Communications strategies for the society plus the development of our brand and identity.
Photo of Nafi Ishola
Nafi Ishola, Communications Manager I manage communications campaigns with project managers to help raise the profile and visibility of BSR's work. I also interview our members to showcase and celebrate their achievements
Photo of Imani Pratt
Imani Pratt, Communications Officer I manage our social media channels and assist with email campaigns. I also bring our brand to life through graphics and animation
Photo of Jake Christophers
Jake Christophers, Marketing Manager I lead on our marketing planning and activities, with a focus on data and insight.
Photo of Toby Bartram
Toby Bartram, Marketing Officer I support the delivery of our marketing plans and digital content, analyse data and improve our search performance

Education and Events

Photo of Daisy Southam
Daisy Southam, Head of Education I lead our Education programmes and development of curriculum frameworks, I also look after our education committee.
Photo of Kate Maxey
Kate Maxey, Events and Education Officer I support on the delivery of our educational courses, webinars and eLearning. I also look after our bursaries
Photo of Rasa Jauneikaite
Rasa Jauneikaite, Events and Education Manager I deliver our educational courses alongside the rest of the Education team. I also look after our Trainees committee.
Photo of Toni Geary
Toni Geary, Head of Events I manage our Events team and lead on the delivery of our events, conferences and awards programme
Photo of Isabelle Hanley Timmins
Isabelle Hanley Timmins, Events Manager I deliver our conferences alongside the rest of the Events team and also manage the Heberden Committee
Photo of Grace Potthurst
Grace Potthurst, Events Officer I support in the delivery of our conferences, overseeing our registration processes. I lead on our conference prizes and awards.
Photo of Sarah Mayes
Sarah Mayes, Partnership and Sponsorship Account Manager I work diligently to ensure the success of external partnerships, including conference sponsorship, exhibitions, and collaborations for BSR's education programme.
Photo of Louise Coulson
Louise Coulson, Digital Events Manager I project manage the digital delivery of our conferences and education courses.