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This fully funded prestigious new leadership training programme is delivered in partnership with Hult EF Corporate Education. Aimed at the entire multidisciplinary team, it will develop rheumatology leaders who change the way services are delivered and will represent rheumatology at a national level.
From September 2022
Ashridge House, Hertfordshire and Bride House, London
Are you working in a rheumatology service and ready to:

  • Embark on challenging, personal development work
  • Tackle the complexity of leading change
  • Be part of a leadership community and share personal practice
Our four-module Future Leaders programme is aimed at senior specialist registrars, consultants of 2-3 years, and AHPs, specialist nurses, psychologists and pharmacists who've worked in rheumatology for at least two years.

You could be early in your career or already in a position of seniority but see yourself as a future leader because you want to do address critical problems, take new approaches or develop as strong coach or mentor to others.

Combining peer support groups and independent project work, you'll gain insights and develop practical tools to help you gain confidence leading change and bringing innovation into your rheumatology service.


You will be asked to develop an improvement or change project over the course of the programme working with a mentor to help you lead this change. You'll get dedicated time and headspace to work on yourself and the change you wish to lead.

You must commit to participating in all in-person and online sessions, and contribute actively to the peer learning areas of the programme.

By the time you complete Future Leaders, you'll:
  • Have the ability to diagnose what's getting in the way of making change in complex systems
  • Gain a new toolkit of methods, techniques, and approaches for leading change   
  • Be clear on how to take the next step when making change in complex systems and when working with groups   
  • Have tested your personal toolkit and new skills, and developed your own personal systems change practice   
  • Have led a change process within the health system 
  • Be deeply connected to a multidisciplinary learning community of leaders 
The programme takes 12 months, but the networks and practice circles you create together are self-sustaining – there's no absolute end to your work together, and we encourage you to continue collaborating with your peers far beyond the delivery phase of the programme.

You'll join us at Ashridge House in Hertfordshire for three residential sessions, as well as one face-to-face module at Bride House in London and take online action learning sessions in between.

The structure is:
  • Online programme launch (20 September 19.00 - 20.30)
  • Module 1: Building the learning community and self-awareness, Ashridge House (11-12 October)
  • Online action learning, date tbc (3/4 hours session)
  • Module 2: Increasing personal power and influencing for sustainable change, Ashridge House (7-8 December)
  • Online action learning, date tbc (3/4 hours session)
  • Module 3: Leading complex changes and how to manage conflict, Bride House (22-23 February)
  • Online action learning, date tbc (3/4 hours session)
  • Module 4: Presentation and celebration of your projects, Ashridge House (17 May)

Eligibility criteria

You must:
  • Be a BSR member
  • Work in an NHS rheumatology service in the UK
  • Show evidence of working and learning in an MDT peer group
  • Demonstrate a willingness to reflect on personal practice
  • Demonstrate awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Be committed to improve patients' lives
  • Have a change or improvement project you want to implement