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16 February, 15:30-17:00
Audience: Trainees
Host: Dr Anastasia Madenidou
Speaker: Dr Ariane Herrick

This webinar delivers a curriculum-based update on what you need to know about scleroderma.

The topic is designed for trainees but everyone is welcome to attend.

Learning objectives

  • Improve knowledge on how to take a history and what clinical features to look for when assessing for scleroderma
  • Discuss diagnostic criteria for scleroderma and it's different presentations including relevant serological markers
  • Improve knowledge of multi-system treatment strategies of scleroderma
  • Improve knowledge of how to monitor disease activity in scleroderma
  • Discuss national and international relevant guidelines on scleroderma
  • Assess knowledge of participants with three SCE questions on scleroderma followed by a thorough discussion of the answer


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