British Society for Rheumatology is divided into seven regions across England, with the aim of supporting members, enhancing local collaboration and strengthening our work.

Rheumatology services vary across the country. That’s why our English regions are aligned to NHS England, to ensure we’re able to engage with local members and networks with our focus on improving service delivery.

Each region has a dedicated allied health professional (or pharmacist), clinician, nurse, trainee and audit representative and supports local activities such as audits, opportunities to network and exchange knowledge monitor service improvement and share best practice. These representatives also attend various regional meetings to support and update members about our work.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can get involved, please get in touch with the Membership team.
East of England Professionals are supported through committee meetings, ultrasound training and quarterly East Anglia Rheumatology Society meetings.
London Professionals in this region are supported through regional audits, academic meetings and tri-annual meetings showcasing clinical and research developments.
North East and Yorkshire This region is highly focused on peer review, with most units now approaching their fourth review visit. Educational meetings and the North East & Yorkshire rheumatology meeting is an opportunity for multi-disciplinary teams to network.
North West Regional peer review scheme and the audit programme are among the main activities in this region. A regional biologic optimisation group and mentoring scheme are also available.
South East This region has an active research community and has recently started the peer review programme.
South West Members in this region are supported via weekly educational activities, bone group meetings, StR training events and an annual ultrasound course.
Midlands This region is actively involved in the regional audit, a rolling cycle of peer review with the EM and bi-annual Midlands Rheumatology Society meetings.